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  Food Safety Program

Food safety programs such as HACCP( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), GAP(Good Agricultural Practices), GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices), GHP(Good Handling Practices) minimize the potential of food safety events and subsequent product recalls. Despite best efforts at prevention however, there may still be some degree of risk of produce contamination or tampering at any point in the supply chain. To minimize potential harmful effects on consumers and the industry as a whole, M & M Distributors has given a high priority to all practical solutions that address this issue.

In addition to stringent food safety procedures, M & M Distributors has adopted and implemented product traceability best practices. The most internationally recognized definition of traceability defines it as the “ability to trace the history, application or location of an entity by recorded identifications”. This is usually done for the purposes of managing agriculture and food production, inventory, logistics, supply, quality, safety, product recalls and withdrawals, and compliance with legislation.

GAP(Good Agricultural Practices) minimize microbial food safety hazards in fresh produce M & M Distributors grows. Our goal is to minimize the potential of contamination at all areas of the production and distribution chain.

GHP(Good Handling Practices) focus on the growing, harvesting, receiving of the product; washing and packing; worker health and personal hygiene; general housekeeping; clean containers and pallets; pest control; storage and temperature control; transportation; loading; and product traceability.

GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) provide important guidelines for the production of safe produce and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables. M & M Distributors’s GMP plan exceeds sanitary and processing requirements to ensure the delivery of wholesome quality produce. These guidelines set forth by the FDA are to minimize the risk of produce contamination through good agricultural and manufacturing practices in the area of water quality, worker hygiene, field and facility sanitation, and transportation.

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